Pull Ups Vs Chin Ups

The pull up bar is known to be one of the most efficient pieces of gym equipment for bolstering upper body strength, though you can use your wall-mounted pull up bar for a variety of exercises, the two most popular are the pull up and chin up. Though the two terms are often used interchangeably, the question persists: Which exercise is more effective? For more details read here https://www.pullupbarninja.com/wall-mounted-pull-up-bars

Both exercises involve hanging on a pull up bar and lifting your own body weight until your chin rises above the level of the bar (some even say chest to the bar). There is, however, a distinction between these two very popular body weight workouts, despite that both involve gripping and pulling one’s own body weight upward.

So what, then, is the difference?

Well, it all lies in the grip. Take note, however, this subtle difference in the hand position, results to a whole new set of muscle is targeted and surprisingly one is harder to perform than the other. The pull up exercise using wall-mounted pull up bar is characterized by gripping the bar with arms stretched upwards, hands facing away from you. Many upper body muscles, specifically your back, are employed, which is one reason that it is so difficult.

Universally, the pull up is seen as the more difficult exercise because you don’t have the benefit of using your bicep muscles. The chin up is performed the exact same way, except that your palms and fingers are facing you. This slightly noticeable contrast affects the muscles that are targeted. In short, the grip changes the muscles used. Chin ups concentrate more on your biceps and shoulders, which is why it is easier to perform. Since it is easier to complete, you are also more likely to do more repetitions.

Pull Ups Vs Chin Ups

If you think about it, you cannot really say that one is better than the other. According to the Crossfit Journal, both exercises should be done interchangeably, without preference for grip. The official word is to simply “mix it up.” Although the chin up is easier, it is considered to be on par with the pull up.

To get the most out of both exercises, here are some helpful tips to maximize your efforts: You should begin from a full “hanging” position. Then, lead with your chest first, inhale while going down and exhale when you come up. Imagine your elbows going down into the ground and don’t flex the arm.

Whether you prefer pull ups or chin ups, you will tremendously benefit from either exercise. Incorporating pull ups and chin ups in your workout will definitely help you to continue on your path to better fitness.

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